I am web creator, Taka.

Hello There, I am Web, Print and UI/UX creator.
I love design, climbing mt and traveling!
Thank you for visiting my website :)
Smile and be happy!


Projects what I’ve worked before,
including Website, Landing, Logos, and more

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Who I am...

I am web creator(designer) Takaco.

I have worked at design company, freelance and research company(as desiner). I have many experience of working style.
I'm enjoying my job.

I like to work and live my life like traveling.
I love traveling, wokring and climbing mountain.

I want to go travel everymonth. I want to visit many countries as much as possible. and I want to spend time working and meeting new people and relax at there. This is my Dream.

My motto is "Smile, Fun, Happy and Love".


Thank you for coming to my website ;) Contact me if you want to ask something about this website, me or just say hi!
I will reply to you as soon as possible.
I am sorry my website doesn't have contact form at this moment. contact me through sns things like facebook, instagram or twitter. thank you!